Body and the World
Introduction to SU-EN BUTOH METHOD


A body that challenges the space
A body that is erased and still moving
A body that transforms into other realities
A body balancing beauty and brutality
A body beyond civilization and culture


The SU-EN Butoh Method aims to create a dancing and a performing body. The body is de-constructed and re-defined. The challenges of body and space present new possibilities.
The SU-EN Butoh Method introduces Body Materials as both a very demanding challenge for developing a butoh body and as highly artistic tools for stage performance and choreographic structures. This method does not aim to examine therapeutic processes or self-exploration. No previous dance training is necessary but participants need to be in good physical and mental health.
This LEIMAY Ludus Lab is an introduction. To master this choreographic style, focused training over five years with SU-EN is recommended. Participants are strongly recommended to take part in all days of the workshop to grasp some kind of outline of the work.

Dates: October 28th – October 30th
Times: 6pm – 9pm
Price: PRICE: $130 Non-Member / $126 conectom Member / $117 Program Member plus processing fee.
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LEIMAY LUDUS SU-ENSU-EN’s work is based on the Hijikata/Ashikawa Method, which was developed further in the TOMOE SHIZUNE & HAKUTOBO group. SU-EN was a founder member of the student group GNOME for five years, where Yoko Ashikawa choreographed, and trained as an apprentice under Tomoe Shizune. SU-EN is one of the very few dancers today with direct training in this lineage. Since 1994, SU-EN has developed her work in a more contemporary direction. She is the artistic director and  choreographer of SU-EN Butoh Company, based in Sweden. The research examines the Nordic body experience and landscape, as well as incorporating influences from conceptual and performance art. SU-EN teaches and performs extensively internationally. The studio and archive for SU-EN Butoh Company is Haglund Skola, an old village school in the forests north of Stockholm. Since 2006 SU-EN is the curator for Friction International Performance Art Festival which is organized by Uppsala Art Museum and SU-EN Butoh Company. Friction takes place every two years in the city of Uppsala. From 2013, SU-EN also curates K.R.O.P.P, platform for contemporary dance, organized together with Uppsala Concert Hall. In 2011 SU-EN recieved the Uchimura prize from Japan, and also the prize from the feminist art magazine Cora. In 2012 she recieved the medal of honour from Uppsala city. SU-EN has recieved many other scholarships and awards for her work.